Fifth Shield - A Search Engine Optimization Company

Time and again Fifth Shield has met and exceeded clients’ expectations in generating positive and consistent SEO results. Numbers speak volumes and our expert team gives visible assurance in providing purely data-driven high Google rankings for clients.

It's more about Online Advocacy and less about online visibility because by the end of the day Google only loves you if everyone else does!

It’s simple we just love Google! We know how it works and what it needs. We understand how two Stanford graduates in their pajamas used backlink technology to beat the big boys of Internet Search; Yahoo and Bing. Our team is well averse to the fundamentals of the search engine. It’s not just about content and number of backlinks, the search engine has evolved from there, it’s more about high-quality backlinks, best content with well-placed keywords that are searched frequently by many users.

An SEO agency in the capital of India.

We have been at the backend for 6 years. SEO companies worldwide have outsourced their work to us. Be it American, European or the Middle East companies, we were chosen by many because we always delivered – On time and higher than expected. Now we are here to master the front end. No longer do we accept outsourced work. We reach out to clients ourselves promise them results and just like before; deliver – On time and higher than expected.

Our Belief!

We care.

We care about the growth and development of your company. It’s not just one-sided profit, for us the gain of our customer matters more. We genuinely focus on the success of your SEO campaign. We want long-term relationships with our customer to keep on assisting them in the future too.

Full transparency.

The methods and campaigns set up by us are reliable and outstanding. We are completely transparent about our processes and results. There is no “secret SEO sauce” involved. Everything is visible enough and one can participate in the SEO process.

Empowering our customers.

It is the best feeling when Fifth Shield successfully accomplishes its goal of empowering its customers because, for us, our customers come first and then our own goals. We keep our clients ahead of us and that’s why taking them to the next level means a lot to us as for them to be at the top rank.

Relevant methodologies.

No guess work is done since every campaign is launched after depth analysis and various methodologies are used in order to have a proper outcome. We need to meet every problem with a solution and that’s the reason we give stress on the research part as for the campaign to be a huge hit.

Customer Satisfaction.

Money matters the least to us. It is the satisfaction of our customer that counts. We want our customer to be happy and content with our services and for them to acknowledge our work. We don’t stop till pour client hasn’t got the expected results out of a campaign. So each and every client matters.

What's the Best Part About Us?

We charge $250 per month for a minimum period of 6 months SEO campaign and we are so sure of our performance that if we don’t deliver results we will refund 50% of whatever we have earned from you.