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Aura Fountains

How Fifth Shield helped the local company to see rapid business growth and increase its revenue to an unbeatable 500%.

Himalaya Expeditions

How Fifth Shield helped in improving the Himalayan travel agency websites’ organic traffic by 203% with high conversion rate.

My Luxury Bargain

How Fifth Shield increased total revenue by 1250% in 6 months for a startup’s eCommerce website and help aspirant entrepreneurs reach their dreams.

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Elements of a Good Case Study…

It is not necessary for every case study to be good or extremely good. The outcome can be either positive or negative but good results are essential for a case study as to have a positive impact on both the client and the service provider. According to a case study, Fifth Shield increased total revenue by 500% in six months to build a thriving local company and help an entrepreneur reach his dreams of success.

A case study comprises of the context and statistics as to get an estimate review of the plus and minus points that play a major role in the project and for future purposes. Depending on the type of business, we try to find that what are the positive outcomes that a client is looking for and how can we provide those results to our client. If it’s an SEO campaign for a local business firm then a good result from an SEO campaign is ranking well on Google Maps stacks. An SEO campaign for a startup that operates primarily through e-commerce will be evaluated according to its organic traffic and ROI results.

Context is the main source in an online marketing campaign. It is a key to get the desired results for any business. Following are the main elements that are required for a positive case study:

At the initial stage of an SEO campaign, thematic keyword research is conducted to determine the long tail keywords required throughout the campaign’s period. Practices like content creation, on-page optimization, link building and guest posts based on these selective keywords help to increase keywords ranking & website traffic.

A total number of ranking keywords are focused around your industry or niche.

Organic traffic flow is diverted towards the client’s site with no bots engaging in the activities as for the client to have real followers or people following them. It is very important for a site to have enough traffic for it to remain visible among the top sites and have a brand built up.

Various methods are used by our company to increase organic traffic of our client’s site to provide them real-time impressions.

Often times the SEO methodology used by the firms cannot produce a positive ROI. But at our company, we believe that our methodology and skilled SEO team can get the required ROI results that a client wants.

We are confident that we’ll produce the results we set in our SEO campaign.