Aura Fountains

Another success story for Fifth Shield as it helped the local company to see rapid business growth and increase its revenue to an unbeatable 500%.

"I felt like I was lost in the world of internet."


How It All Started?

Aura Fountains’ project started in November 2014.

Munish Goswami is an entrepreneur with small local business in New Delhi, India that manufactures water fountains and swimming pools with limited yet loyal client base. He successfully created a local reputation through his uncompromising high-quality approach to meeting water body needs of his clients.

Mr. Goswami understood the bitter fact that with minimal digital footprint it is not easy to survive in business especially in the current internet era where almost everything is available on the internet. He personally approached Fifth Shield in serious need of online presence for his little local unit and to improve brand awareness among the clients with fountain and swimming pool construction needs.

With cut-throat competition, he found it difficult to survive without increasing his client base and classic methods of marketing could only take his brand name to a certain extent with little or no success at all. Hence he decided to make an online presence for his Aura Fountains brand through landing high on Google search results.

“Google search engine was the first place I searched for a company offering SEO services and Fifth Shield topped the charts. Instantaneously it felt that I was at the right place”

Our Master Plan for Aura Fountains:

The expert team at Fifth Shield started off the journey through completing an initial one on one discussion to understand Munish Goswami’s SEO expectations for his company Aura Fountains. The first session mainly focused on educating him on SEO concept as he had little understanding and give a snapshot explanation on maximum possibilities to tap internet market realm towards revenue growth.

Not just initial discussion, but frequent meetings with the client helped our team to understand the specific current and future business goals that will help us to devise a result oriented strategic plan that creates and improves his brand awareness across the target client base.

Fifth Shield team’s genuine customer-centric approach and level of business transparency convinced Mr. Goswami for greater SEO results for his business in improving qualified client base. It took us on an exciting journey with him in making his brand name felt on Google search results.

Optimize On-page SEO:

Aura Fountains’ website looks stunning with the perfect design for a water body site; however, web designer mainly focused on the visible content of the site and gave little importance to the SEO part of it. Since the Aura Fountains is on an interior and architect based niche, we hardly made any changes to the aesthetics of the website but innovatively optimized the content to make it SEO friendly.

Focus on Google Search and Google MyBusiness:

Since it is India based company, Mr. Goswami is more interested in improving organic traffic to his website through optimizing his brand presence on Google and Google MyBusiness platform to be a part of Google Maps results.

“Fountain Manufacturers”, “Floating Fountain Manufacturers”, “Musical Fountain Manufacturer”, “Swimming Pool Manufacturers in India” like keywords throw his website on top into the search engine results pages and optimizing the Google MyBusiness listing helped in placing Aura Fountains on Google Maps.

aura fountains google business listing

Citation Markup:

Fifth Shield understood the basic need of improving referral traffic through business sites; hence schematically placed client’s NAP (Name, Address and Phone Number) details on a wide network of Business Listing domains that in turn help in boosting Brand Awareness and the business popularity.

With the help of geo-tagging and integration of map stack helped us improve SEO results for the client and in turn add to the goal of increased site visitors.

Quality Articles & Press Release Distribution:

Since Mr. Goswami had discussed his sustaining long-term business goals and organic traffic needs, our SEO team designed a customized plan to include articles and press releases in the SEO campaign. We distributed article and press releases contents to high domain authority sites specifically related to the business niche.

Our active collaboration with quality press release sites helped in generating good quality press releases for the client that help in generating quality backlinks and secure a strong footprint in the online arena.

Backlinks from High Authority Sites:

We have collaboration with high domain authority websites and blogs in different niches. We utilized these sites for creating high-quality link building campaign on relevant web platforms for Aura Fountains website for boosting its organic traffic and rank high on Google’s search result pages.

“Fifth Shield's transparent and educative approach through their custom made SEO campaign helped me learn technicalities of SEO along the way. It is a huge thing for a newbie like me.”

Our success story for Aura Fountains:

With our customer needs centric SEO campaign for Aura Fountains has steered it from its limited loyal client base to a prospering and successful business meeting all fountain and swimming pool construction needs in India.

Bang on Success on Local Google Searches:

With the help of a tailor-made SEO campaign including Press Releases, on and off-page optimization and accurate citation markup resulting in meeting and exceeding Aura Fountains SEO campaign expectations from Fifth Shield. It is a huge success as the company is on local Google Map Stack for 20 priority keywords.

Fabulous 662% increase in Organic Traffic:

At Fifth Shield, we devise purely data-driven SEO campaigns when it comes to keywords optimization for ranking high on Google’s search results and a massive 662% organic traffic increase for Aura Fountains speaks volumes about our strategic SEO game plan.

Aura Fountains Google Analytics

High Ranking for Selected Keywords:

With our practical quality based on-page and link building strategy, selected keywords of Aura Fountains seen a tremendous increase in Google ranking from no rank to 1st page of Google search.

Multiplying Total Ranked Keywords:

Our SEO campaign for Aura Fountains started with 10 keywords. After 6 months of work, we achieved 1st-page ranking for all as well as our thematic way researching keywords helped in tripling total keywords and phrases to the list.

Aura Fountains Ranking Report

A Mind Blowing 500% Increase in Revenue:

Within a short period of 12 months, Aura Fountains had seen a gigantic increase of 500% revenue which is an outstanding performance for both Fifth Shield and Mr. Munish Goswami. This is one of our major breakthroughs and prestigious projects in bringing industry-standard results. We do not just focus on short-term results but implemented a strategic plan to meet his business goals through a consistent and sustainable approach.

“Fifth Shield is the correct destination for my all SEO needs as we started thriving in the market and beat competition as well within 12 months.”