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A success story of Fifth Shield team as it helped in improving the Himalayan travel agency websites' organic traffic by 203% with high conversion rate.

“Fifth Shield is phenomenal.”


How It All Started?

Mr. Bikram Pandey founder/chairman of Himalaya Expeditions a.k.a. HimEx Nepal reached to Fifth Shield for its Travel website SEO needs in December 2015. It is relatively an established company in their niche and needed online visibility to make it more successful. The company is based in Nepal that offers Nature, Culture and Adventure Sports Tourism in Nepal, India, Tibet & Bhutan.

We completed a thorough audit of the Himalaya Expeditions’ website as well as their competitors in order to perfectly design tailor-made SEO road-map for the website. Our expert team has come up with thematic keywords to optimize and in turn, beat competitors online presence game to rank high in search results.

“It’s remarkable to collaborate with a company that is so hard working. Their strategies are so apt and ensured that SEO campaign is executed to its entirety.”

Our Master Plan for Himalaya Expeditions:

At Fifth Shield, we did not just focus on placing Himalaya Expeditions on top results of SERPs ranking system but provide a 360 degrees quality approach in providing qualified conversion rate to a maximum extent possible. Himalaya Expeditions’ IT team has a good understanding of SEO concept; hence we went right into the customized SEO game plan to optimize 50+ SEO indicators for their travel business.

We devised a plan that is 100% data-driven and high-quality conversion rate focused that help boosting online presence in their market niche. Our SEO strategy is specific to their business that helped to increase the sale of their tour packages.

Thematic Keywords and Analyze Online Prospective Client Nature:

Since Fifth Shield decided to improve Himalaya Expeditions’ quality conversion rate with search engine optimization, we looked into the actual buyer personas of the company to analyze what and how their prospective buyers search to land onto the actual website.

This helped us to list all the thematic keywords that will help us to create a network of online presence for HimEx and optimize their density on the website.

Keywords Optimization Based SEO Framework:

As our primary goal for the client is sustainable market growth through qualified conversion leads; hence we did not take a flash in the pan approach but cracked the tough nut of business’ online presence the hard way.

Post buyer personalities analyzed and listed thematic keywords, we advised Mr. Bikram to develop 5 new websites on different five keyword categories to improve its search density and in turn, give an added advantage in taking organic traffic to a striking new level.

Complete Website SEO Optimization:

For Himalaya Expeditions, we focused full throttle on-page SEO optimization through our data-driven research that helps in cracking Google’s 200+ indicators that rank websites. Time and again, this approach proved extremely result oriented for a lot of our Battle Audit clients. Unlike other projects, this approach helped us to complete SEO optimization in little over two and half month with results blowing up our initial estimations for the client.

“Fifth Shield took control of the campaign from the beginning till the end including post audit work and left us with minimal things to manage.”

Our success story for Himalaya Expeditions:

With our strategic on-page SEO master plan for Himalaya Expeditions through Battle Audit, we saw an instantaneous and impressive organic search results.

Qualified Organic Traffic Growth Increased to A Massive 203%

Our Website Audit strategy for Himalaya Expeditions come with a huge success and pure data-driven results. For just an on-page optimization techniques, these are record-breaking results for a travel related business with minimal online presence.

Himalaya Expeditions Google Analytics

Multiple Keywords Ranked to 1st Page of Google's Search Result

Fifth Shield through Battle Audit helped Himalaya Expeditions in coming up with thematic keywords for quality on-page optimization for all their internal web pages and newly created websites to improve first page rankings where the client was unsuccessful before reaching out to Fifth Shield.

New Ranked Keywords Reached to 80

Himalaya Expeditions is ranking for 80 new keywords after joining with Fifth Shield through On-page SEO which they failed to achieve before. Though our expert team targeted 50 thematic keywords, our data-driven SEO strategies and schematic placement across the vast internet realm increased them to a new 80 keywords, making the project a huge success for both Himalaya Expeditions and Fifth Shield.

Himalaya Expeditions Ranking Report

“A job well done. Certainly suggest. :)”