My Luxury Bargain

How Fifth Shield increased total revenue by 1250% in 6 months for a startup's eCommerce website and help an aspirant entrepreneurs reach their dreams.

“After several false starts with a few other SEO companies I can confidently share that Victorious SEO is the real deal.”


How It All Started?

Ankit and Punya started My Luxury Bargain, a website to buy and sell pre-owned luxury fashion, in 2016. They realized soon that the luxury fashion industry was highly competitive. They were keen on establishing their website’s presence on Google at the earliest.

Our team met them in February 2017 and by then the company had already hired and fired two SEO agencies. The team at My Luxury Bargain was highly disappointed with their earlier SEO agencies’ performance. After spending close to $5000 in a span of 7 months, neither had they outranked their competitors and nor did their website rank on the first page of Google.

We discussed the website’s last agency’s SEO strategy with Ankit and explained him the gaps in the model. Further, we explained him our approach and discussed a 6-month plan to bring My Luxury Bargain on the first page of Google. Ankit could see why our approach was very different from other SEO agencies and that our strategy would get his website on the 1st page of Google’s search result.

“Obviously when searching for an SEO company, you start with a Google search. When they came up first, I knew something was right.”

Our Master Plan for My Luxury Bargain:

At the forefront, we established a transparent communication model with Ankit. Our ideas and plan of action were formalized and exchanged on email. Each stage had a deadline with an understanding of

Next, our team at Fifth Shield carried out a detailed competition analysis and researched the target audience. We understood the age group and the online behavior of the target audience very well. The kind of websites and the search behavior of the Target Audience was discussed in detail with the team at My Luxury Bargain. We highlighted how the target audience was using a vital keyword – Authenticity; in all its searches relating to luxury fashion on Google. This important aspect was completely missed out by the previous SEO agencies.

Now with a plan in hand and a battle-ready customer; Fifth Shield was ready to fight the war for online supremacy.

Site Speed Optimization:

Speed is of vital importance. The longer it takes a website to load the less does it rank on Google. Our developers analyzed the website in detail and made recommendations to the client on how to reduce the loading time of the website.

Recommendations ranged from lighter images to building a sitemap of the website and much more. For the website’s visitors to have a seamless experience on the portal we ensured that the website was mobile friendly. By the end of implementing our recommendations the site loading time of the website fell from 11 seconds to 4.5 seconds.

High Quality Link Building:

Our database of over 5000+ websites with a high domain authority helped us create backlinks for My Luxury Bargain across the internet. Thanks to the client’s continuous involvement in the process we were able to post good quality content with the relevant anchor text at a fast pace. And guess what? Google’s spiders started crawling this and the search ranking of the website started improving drastically.

Online Advocacy & Reputation Management:

Our team handheld the team at My Luxury Bargain all the way when it came to the kind of content being posted on the internet. We know how important it is to post the right kind of content on the internet. The reputation of a website takes time to build in the online world, but good content helps build it fast.

Our team has a list of established bloggers who we reach out to on behalf of our customers to write classy and one of a kind articles. The client realized how bloggers were able to advocate the products listed on their website and improve the website’s branding tremendously. Not only did we help them improve their search engine ranking with our strategy but also, we were able to improve their overall reach in the online world.

“For someone who didn’t understand SEO, Fifth Shield gave me a crystal clear process for improving our site that even I could understand. They legitimately empowered me to understand SEO and their process.”

Our success story for My Luxury Bargain:

All Ankit and Punya needed, was a caring SEO team who understood what the customer wanted and was transparent in their dealings.

With a budget of just $2000 in a period of 6 months, we brought My Luxury Bargain on the first 5 search results for a list of 40 highly competitive keywords.

Organic Search Traffic Increased 152%

My Luxury Bargain Website Ranked High on Keywords:

MLB Ranking Report

If these results sound impressive ….. they could be yours too. Get in touch with us and conquer the online world in style.

“Partnering with Fifth Shield is hands-down the best decision I’ve ever made for My Luxury Bargain. We went from struggling to thriving – and it would have never happened without their help.”