Best keywords sets up the strong foundation for your website’s SEO and our expert team revolutionizing it through Thematic Keyword Research.


Our Keyword Research Methods

Thematic Keyword Research

Our Keyword Research approach is completely innovative and unique. Thematic approach is one of our innovations. We don’t simply search it on Google Keyword Planner and starts work on that but we make our own research.


Purchase Intent Keywords

If it comes to choose a keyword, we choose that based on Purchase Intent. We don’t select the keywords merely because they come under thematic group – they need to be result oriented as well as sales oriented.


Highly Searched Keywords

We also choose the keywords which have the power to drive more visitors and boost organic traffic. This includes the keyword with high search volume and competition.


In just 3 months Fifth Shield astonished us with their fabulous results. In such a short span they have managed to increase our traffic by 32% with SEO techniques. They have definitely higher from our expectation with great results in traffic as well as keywords ranking. With proper coordination, their team always make sure to complete their deadlines with full transparency and reporting on time.

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Campaign length | 3+ months
Results | 138% traffic growth

What makes us different from other SEO Companies?

Real-time Data

When you associate with Fifth Shield you can access our Fifth Shield Analytics tool to track your position. With our Real-time reporting platform, you will get all SEO-data at your fingertips at any time. What you all need to do is to sign in your account, after that you can track your targeted keyword current rankings, growth in organic traffic and many more.

Increased ROI

With our well-planned SEO Strategies, you will see increased revenue in a very short time. We analyze each information and incoming traffic on a granular level through Google Analytics tool to make SEO campaign profitable for you.

Scalable Campaigns

If you are looking for a company which can run SEO campaign of your new startup on a limited budget then you are at a right place. Fifth Shield is the top choice company due to its scalability. We assure you the success of your SEO campaign and increase your revenue.

Full Transparency

Fifth Shield regarded as the most trusted SEO Company. Our transparent working approach makes us different and top-hired company across the world. We assure you full transparency from on-site optimization to backlink acquisition.

Total Transparency

Dedicated Analytics Account

  • Track visitors come to your site
  • Watch organic traffic growth every month
  • Analyze client acquisition and conversion pathways

Our Strategy

Thematic Keyword Research


If we have to explain the importance of Keyword research in one word then we will say that it is a driving force of any SEO Campaign. So there are numbers of reasons that a proper keyword research get you good ranking. Keywords play an instrumental role in any successful SEO campaign – from anchor text to content creation, to brand recognition and more – all are based on the selected keywords for the SEO campaign.

We at Fifth Shield, work on thematic Keyword Research. It helps websites to rank more effectively. If your website has content with targeted keywords then the theme in that content gets indexed by search engine bots. This will make your website more relevant and authoritative to Google and hence approved your website to rank high. It is evident that the more authoritative the Google mark your website, the better it ranks in the Search Engine.

Implement thematic keywords both in on-page optimization and off-page optimization will effectively improve your ranking.

To highlight our approach for Keyword Research firstly you need to understand what a bad keyword research is.

Bad Keyword Research: Majority of the SEO companies follows this research. What they do is, open Google Keyword Planner tool, put in a head term and then run the search. Whatever result Google provides, they just forward to the clients without analyzing whether these keywords are relevant or thematic to what the website is offering? This approach is called bad keyword research.

On the Contrary, Fifth Shield has its own keyword research approach. We actually research for a keyword by mapping out keyword theme based that would drive traffic effectively and transform the leads into the sale. From website URLs, we start our research with relevant long tail keywords and pair them to those URLs. This approach not only improves your ranking but also is the base to map out the key terms and phrases we will target throughout an SEO campaign.

Thematic Keywords proves their benefits into almost all SEO campaigns. The biggest effect a thematic keyword research has shown is the way it drives the way an SEO campaign is mapped out from the beginning.

Thematic keyword Research done by Fifth Shield reveals the keyword that has the highest tendencies i.e. the keyword that users are entering into search engines.

After getting highly searched keywords, we start developing informative, unique and relevant content for customer’s website that increases the quality and signals search engine that the site is authoritative to give a good rank.

Benefits of thematic Keyword research don’t end here. It drives SEO Campaigns by supplying target keywords with appropriate density and difficulty to use for anchor text when internally linking. By pairing the specific URLs with the theme of Keywords, we linking the core pages with targeted keywords internally so those pages start communicating with Google to make it assure that pages are relevant.

Another Benefit of thematic Keyword Research is driving traffic through image search. Putting targeted keywords in Image ‘alt’ tag will maximizing the chances of an image to rank better in image search.

Keywords are one of the important onsite optimization components for a successful campaigning. Keyword refers to the words that users typed into the various search engines to find some information. Keyword reflects the mindset of your targeted customers to a great extent and helps you to understand your customer.

In short, Keyword research is a process of researching the potential keyword that your targeted person used to search a service, product or information. Keyword research is not related to just download a software and get a report from it. It is a process to think like an audience and explore the keywords that customers could use to find the desired results.

Keyword research is not about target search terms that tell about what you provide; it is about bringing right visitors to your website.

There are two types of keywords i.e. “head terms” and “Longtail” keywords. While Longtail keywords searched less as comparatively head terms, but they actually make up a majority of searches, approximately 70% of the keywords.

What is Longtail Keywords?

Longtail keywords are more specific than the general keywords or head terms. For example, if you want to search for particular segment car and you typed “Cars” in the Google search. Google will provide you huge results and most of them are useless for you but when you specify your requirement in Google search box correctly then you’ll get 100% accurate result for your query like if you type “Best car of 2017” you’ll get the most relevant result.

So instead of targeting head terms like “cars” target Longtail keywords that will give you a better result.



12 months


386% Increment in Total Keywords Ranked
78% Increased Growth Rate in Organic Traffic on Website
75 Keywords Ranked On Google First Page
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“The process of the campaign and website redesign really comes out of brisk reaction times. The team had a vast knowledge in this field that isolates them from numerous of SEO agencies in the market.”


Fifth Shield way of tracking campaign’s ROI:


Driving traffic to a website is not a piece of cake as Google is flooded with the websites of the same niche. It takes a strategic plan and pure hard work. The first step in finding something on the internet is through search and that makes it the best traffic generating process to any website. Hence it is important to utilize effective search engine optimization tools that match your business niche makes all the difference.

Search Engine Optimization results should be placing your website on top charts of search engine result pages. The inclusion of tried and tested on-page and off-page SEO techniques that have a direct impact on organic traffic diverted to websites will invariably make search spiders to rank sites high.

Your site requires organic traffic? Relevant content, effective backlinking, appropriate placement of keywords and citations excite search spiders to index your site high on search engine rankings and in turn, results increased organic traffic.

Cost-effective and sustainable business growth is the goal for any website and nothing can help better than implementing effective SEO methodologies instead of Pay Per Click strategies will naturally drive organic traffic through ranking high on Google


Organic traffic and qualified leads are the end results of a well-planned Search Engine Optimization strategy and Click Through Rate, popularly termed as CTR is a gauzing meter to analyze how well your keywords on the website are performing at any given point of time.
This process doesn’t stop at analysis but tweak the keyword usage as per the performance and replace the underperforming once with new ones. An experienced team working on tested SEO campaign knows how and when to tap into qualified leads in the entire process of impressing Google search engine and making an online brand name.


Goal and eCommerce Tracking helps in evaluating the effectiveness of SEO campaign. All SEO campaigns run by Fifth Shield are integrated with Goal/E-commerce tracking code to demonstrate the whole scenario of how increased traffic transform into increased leads and increased leads to increased revenue.

Our customers are making most of their online presence with an average 263% growth annually.

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"Great, result oriented, fully transparent approach to my SEO campaign. Their work speaks for itself."