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Google checkmates bad SEO by strategically releasing new algorithms at regular intervals and in turn make ranking system exciting and challenging.

Search Engine Optimization predominantly comes in two parts i.e on-page SEO and off-page SEO that decide Google ranking and placement.

On-page SEO as the name suggests relates to actual website structure and content relevance while off-page SEO works at the backend to provide substantial SEO support.

Off-page optimization consists several techniques that drive visitors to your website and strengthen your business’s web presence. Here’s 6 key-areas we focus on for Off-page SEO:

Quality Link Building

Increase Brand Awareness

Local Citation Promotion

Brand Reputation Management

Strong Social Signals

News & Content Syndication

Link Building Practices


Although Google search engine considers hundreds of factors while ranking websites, with experience and expertise, we came to a strong conclusion that strategic link building approach plays a pivotal role in surviving cut-throat competition in the vast internet realm.

Define off-page SEO and link building:

Off-page SEO means search engine optimization work happening away from or off of your actual webpage/site. Link Building is one of its qualitatively proven methods to rank your website high by search engine robots.

In simple terms, it is a process of building links from other relevant websites to your website that paves a path for search engine robots to crawl to your website through the hyperlinks. It is a process to let the internet world including Google robots to know about your website niche, quality and content’s relevance to the user searched information and rank accordingly.

Are Off-page SEO and link building important to the website?

Well, the answer is a big YES. A well-planned link building strategy is important to your website as it is one of the major SERPs rank determining factor and hence an important practice in off-page SEO.

Google strongly believes in quality and relevance of a web page; hence PageRank tool is one of its crucial mechanisms that concludes on quality of your website basis the analysis of the number of websites/links that redirect to your website. Although it is not the only way to impress Google robots, it plays an important role in proving your website’s metal in page ranking competition.

Google is constantly on its toes to come up with new strategies and algorithms to address the issue of malpractices in link building. Misleading or improper link building strategies could damage the SEO progress of your website and hence it is important not to get into wrong practices while building links which could irreversibly damage your website reputation.

Explain off-page SEO and link building workflow:

The aim of websites is to rank high on Search Engine Results Pages and it certainly is no cakewalk to achieve. Search engine spiders or robots are constantly at work to crawl through the links to find new websites and accurately index them, post reviewing content and other relevant factors on them. Hence it is important to build relevant link strategy to land your website on first few search results on SERPs.

Effective Off-page SEO through Citations:


Citations - Another way to get positioned high by Search Engines

In the Google ranking game, genuine visibility of your business on other web sources is highly regarded and citations submission is a useful practice for achieving the same. Simply putting your NAP i.e N – Name, A – Address and P – Phone number on various other web platforms adds your existence and popularity in the internet realm.

Comparatively, it is an easier way to build an online presence without adding your website URL but it comes with few instructions for getting positive results.

There is no particular format for the NAP; however, including a uniform format on all the web locations plays a crucial role while making sure that it exactly matches your websites’ NAP for getting good results.

Fifth Shield believes in achieving complete and quality online presence for their local clients by building result-oriented citations based backlink network that not only helps in Google search engine rankings but also boosts your site’s placement on Google Maps. Citations are thematically placed on a plethora of related websites and blogs along with Google My Business and Bing Places that help in local maps search results. It’s a win-win strategy for both SERPs and Maps.

Social Media Signal


Social media presence and popularity within your business community is an important factor for impressing Google crawlers:

On the internet, it all comes down to presence and popularity through ethical and genuine means. Nothing can beat leads generating from various social media platforms for your business. Social Media Optimization(SMO) is another nut to crack that works best along with Search Engine Optimization(SEO) to get 360 degrees results.

Content, graphics, and creatives etc. posting on Social Media need to be interesting enough for readers or prospective clients to share within their communities and generate leads. Crawlers or spiders from search engines crawl through these links created from posts and index them accordingly. This is an effective means to build a strong online community of prospective clients and create a brand in the internet realm.

In the current internet generation, the entire world is connected through social media platforms with millions of posts, shares, comments, and likes created on a daily basis and making the most of these platforms to create backlink portfolio helps in increasing search results and social traffic.

Our implemented, tested and proven Off-page SEO strategy:

When it comes to Search Engine Optimization, hiring a team that has results-oriented practical experience makes all the difference. Fifth Shield is all that any business ever wanted to get professional help from as we have tested and proven strategy in impressing search engines.

We believe in data-driven methods to use for your website that helps in beating competitors at SEO game. Contact us today and we will devise custom SEO roadmap that works best for your online business.

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