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The Most Crucial Part in SEO is On-page Optimization

It is the fact that On-page Optimization has the huge effect on your website’s ranking. Other off-page techniques can’t work without effective implementation of on-page SEO. Our SEO experts at Fifth Shield show the commendable results almost immediately.

What Fifth Shield provides you?

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How is your on-page SEO?

If your website is not ranking at the desired position even after putting so many efforts than it might be due to on-page SEO errors. Here we tell you the common mistakes that hinder in your website’s ranking.

Inappropriate Format of Website Title

Missing Titles of Web Pages

Duplicate Titles

Missing Meta Description

Too long Meta Description

Inappropriate Keywords

Non-searched Keywords

Keyword Density Too High/Low

Incorrect Keyword Placement

Incorrect Keyword Proximity

Non Responsive Website

Not Mobile & Tablet Friendly Website

High Website Loading Time

Missing Robots.txt File

Incorrect Format of Robots.txt File

Missing Sitemap.xml File

Incorrect Format of Sitemap.xml File

Improper Use of Canonical Tags

Website Content is Not Crawlable

Not User Friendly URLs

Too Long URLs

Query String in URLs

Too many Directories in URLs

Dynamically Generated URLs

Session IDs in URLs

Incorrect Anchor text

Broken Links

Improper Links in Menu

Self Linking

Too many No-follow Links

Linking to Suspicious Sites

Linking to Low Quality Sites

Incorrect Redirects

Canonical Issues

www and non-www Issue

Temporary Redirects

Redirects to Other Sites

Too many HTML Errors

Incorrect use of Codes

Using Not Supportive Codes

Same Text Color as Background Color

Duplicate Content

Copyright Infringement

User Security Issue

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SEO Expert for Your Website Optimization

Surendra Singh SEO Director

Surendra Singh

Director of SEO

We all are aware of the importance of SEO. But less are aware of the fact that Google determines over 200 factors to rank your website. Not an end here, adding more in this fact that Google keeps changing its factors. Over the years there are major updates. Some old ranking factors become obsolete while other new factors are added. This is the reason you need to keep changing your strategy to retain top position.

But don’t panic. There are some factors that remain same over the time and will probably never change. First one is creating excellent user-friendly website backed up by quality content focuses around on page optimization.

Following are the on-page factors that ensure good website ranking:

Proper Keyword Density

A few years ago, keyword density was the major factor to get a good rank. The high keyword percentage was the top the rank you got. But SEO specialist without taking care of the content quality started stuffing keywords. So Google changed its algorithms and made it less effective factor.

But it doesn’t mean Keyword Density loses its importance. It is one of the major parts of on-page SEO. The current rule is to keep the density of the main keyword under 2% in your content.

Appropriate Use of Main Keyword

Keyword research and adhering to keyword density will not get you good result alone. Appropriate use of the keyword into your content matters a lot. There are some places where you should place your Main Keyword:

  • Title
  • Meta Description
  • URL
  • In the First Paragraph (try to use it early)
  • Headings and
  • In the Very last sentence of your content

These (above mentioned) are the ideal places but not the only places. You can use your main keyword in some followed paragraphs or bulleted points. But do it in the way that it should not seem stuffing.

Well Managed Posts

Presenting your content in a well-managed layout will encourage your customers to spend more time on your post. Always remember no one likes giant walls of text. Try to make your posts user-friendly.

How you could make your content readable:-

  • Present information in short paragraphs and with eye-catching headings.
  • Start your post on an interesting note.
  • Bold Important points you want to share with visitors. Bold Sentence will catch the eye of the visitors.
  • Present information in small bullet points as it feels less boredom to read points
  • Your content should be supported with good quality images. You could put some infographic and video as well.

Always remember the average time the visitor spends on your website is the major SEO factor. So make you sure that your content is worth reading.

Use of Smart Tags

There are three types of tag that you need to use properly.

  • Title & Heading Tags: – If your website is on WordPress then you don’t need to put title tag. It already has H1 tag. But give appropriate tags to your sub-titles i.e. h2-h6, throughout your content.
  • Meta Tags: – Meta tags once hold a major part in on page SEO, but now it becomes obsolete. It is true that using Meta tags with the targeted keyword will not benefits you, but on the other hand, not having Meta tag could attract penalty from Google.
  • Alt Tags: – This tag is used in the image. Every image in your posts should have the ‘alt’ tag with a relevant keyword in it.

High Quality Content

Content is a king. It is the major factor for both on page optimization and off page optimization. Are you thinking what is quality? There are some definite qualities that a good content should have:

Make sure your content should have these qualities:-

  • Should be written by an Expert
  • Should be informative
  • Well presented
  • Should have good writing style
  • 100% original
  • Should link to relevant and reputable resource

Good Multi Media Use

Presenting the data with some images, videos, and infographics will encourage the audience to engage with your post for more time on one hand and will make your posts more relevant on the other hand.

High-Resolution Images with appropriate captions and ‘alt’ tags work for you greatly. When it comes to Video, use embed function for video and make sure it should have a caption. You can even add a brief paragraph talking about what the video is all about.

Update Your Content

SEO is ever going process. Once you get a rank it becomes more challenging to retain your position. Once you stop putting efforts, your position starts declining. So to keep your position intact, keep updating your content.

Updating content gives signals to Google that your website is up-to-date and you are adding more value to your website. Moreover, it builds trust with the search engines. Instead of writing new content, you can update the old one for the same information.

Appropriate Internal Linking

Internal Linking is another huge factor for on-page optimization. Internal linking not only strengthens your position on a search engine but it is the place where you can put exact keyword anchor text. Google start penalizing the websites who have more than 10% backlinks with the keyword. Internal Linking helps to reduce the bouncing rate of your website by encouraging the reader to visit more pages at the same time.

Proper Outbound Linking

Outbound links are links to the webpage of other authority websites. Importance of outbound links can’t be overlooked in the on-page optimization. Outbound link helps the search bots to understand your niche as well as increase authority of your website.

Include Social Media Sharing Buttons

With the revolution of social media, everything becomes easy. Same is the case with the content. Sharing your article on social media not only builds trust in the search engine but also bring more and more traffic to your website. So every website expected to have social media accounts. Place easy to use social sharing button on each post.

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