SEO Audit by Fifth Shield

Your website needs a second technical analysis according to Fifth Shield SEO audit process. Culminate your website crawl-ability and technical layout as per Google guidelines.


Our SEO audit steps

Research + Resolution

The success of SEO campaigns completely depends on your website quality. If any loophole found on your website by search engines then it could affect your website performance on internet significantly.


Obstacle Detailing

SEO Experts at Fifth Shield, are efficient enough to outline the obstacles in your site and suggest the way out to fix the obstacles to keep your SEO campaign running smoothly.



After detecting the error in website our expert makes a line up in which each obstacle should be addressed by providing the impact level each obstacle has on SEO campaign's performance.


In just 3 months Fifth Shield astonished us with their fabulous results. In such a short span they have managed to increase our traffic by 32% with SEO techniques. They have definitely higher from our expectation with great results in traffic as well as keywords ranking. With proper coordination, their team always make sure to complete their deadlines with full transparency and reporting on time.


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Industry | Bike Rentals
Campaign length | 3+ months
Results | 138% traffic growth

What makes us different from other SEO Companies?

Real-time Data

When you associate with Fifth Shield you can access our Fifth Shield Analytics tool to track your position. With our Real-time reporting platform, you will get all SEO-data at your fingertips at any time. What you all need to do is to sign in your account, after that you can track your targeted keyword current rankings, growth in organic traffic and many more.

Increased ROI

With our well-planned SEO Strategies, you will see increased revenue in a very short time. We analyze each information and incoming traffic on a granular level through Google Analytics tool to make SEO campaign profitable for you.

Scalable Campaigns

If you are looking for a company which can run SEO campaign of your new startup on a limited budget then you are at a right place. Fifth Shield is the top choice company due to its scalability. We assure you the success of your SEO campaign and increase your revenue.

Full Transparency

Fifth Shield regarded as the most trusted SEO Company. Our transparent working approach makes us different and top-hired company across the world. We assure you full transparency from on-site optimization to backlink acquisition.

Total Transparency

Dedicated Analytics Account

  • Track visitors come to your site
  • Watch organic traffic growth every month
  • Analyze client acquisition and conversion pathways

Our Process

SEO Audit Methodology


SEO Audit provides you with the various checklists, reports, and tools to demonstrate your website’s current position. Moreover, it provides you in-depth details of your website’s weak points and solution to overcome the weakness.

There are two types of tool to have an SEO audit. Firstly, there is fast audit tool which takes 15-20 minutes to audit SEO campaigns. A fast audit through free online tools that look at the basic things i.e. domain authority, page authority, Tags, Meta and alt descriptions, XML sitemaps and some other basic considerations.

The second one is full audit tool that Fifth Shield has for its customers. This includes each and every aspects audit that fast audit tool lack of.  The most common sections are:

  • Keyword analysis
  • Analysis of your competition (and competitors)
  • Technical analysis
  • Page level analysis
  • In-depth content quality analysis
  • User experience analysis
  • Link profile (backline type, number, keyword anchors, neighborhoods, etc)
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Search Console
  • PageSpeed Insights
  • Xenu
  • Backlink Watch
  • Alexa
  • SEMRush etc.

Before starting the SEO campaign it is important that you should be clear about why you want SEO for your website. Whether looking for increase organic traffic or want to improve ranking around small but crucial keywords? Whether want to recover from Google penalties or want to win over the competitors?

Want a good rank to get more traffic don’t give the exact direction. Because good ranking or win over the competitors are the different things. So first of all clear with what your main goal is. Once you understand we can focus on SEO process with accurate strategies.



12 months


386% Increment in Total Keywords Ranked
78% Increased Growth Rate in Organic Traffic on Website
75 Keywords Ranked On Google First Page
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“The process of the campaign and website redesign really comes out of brisk reaction times. The team had a vast knowledge in this field that isolates them from numerous of SEO agencies in the market.”


Fifth Shield way of tracking campaign’s ROI:


Driving traffic to a website is not a piece of cake as Google is flooded with the websites of the same niche. It takes a strategic plan and pure hard work. The first step in finding something on the internet is through search and that makes it the best traffic generating process to any website. Hence it is important to utilize effective search engine optimization tools that match your business niche makes all the difference.

Search Engine Optimization results should be placing your website on top charts of search engine result pages. The inclusion of tried and tested on-page and off-page SEO techniques that have a direct impact on organic traffic diverted to websites will invariably make search spiders to rank sites high.

Your site requires organic traffic? Relevant content, effective backlinking, appropriate placement of keywords and citations excite search spiders to index your site high on search engine rankings and in turn, results increased organic traffic.

Cost-effective and sustainable business growth is the goal for any website and nothing can help better than implementing effective SEO methodologies instead of Pay Per Click strategies will naturally drive organic traffic through ranking high on Google


Organic traffic and qualified leads are the end results of a well-planned Search Engine Optimization strategy and Click Through Rate, popularly termed as CTR is a gauzing meter to analyze how well your keywords on the website are performing at any given point of time.
This process doesn’t stop at analysis but tweak the keyword usage as per the performance and replace the underperforming once with new ones. An experienced team working on tested SEO campaign knows how and when to tap into qualified leads in the entire process of impressing Google search engine and making an online brand name.


Goal and eCommerce Tracking helps in evaluating the effectiveness of SEO campaign. All SEO campaigns run by Fifth Shield are integrated with Goal/E-commerce tracking code to demonstrate the whole scenario of how increased traffic transform into increased leads and increased leads to increased revenue.

Campaign Metrics

What’s included?


Keyword Analysis will give you in-depth details of keyword Performance. It will tell you which keyword is generating the most revenue. With this analysis, you can focus on the high revenue keywords and skip the useless one. Moreover, you can get keywords that could act as easy victories to boost traffic. The tool that gives you the clear picture of your keyword performance is Google Search Console and Google Analytics tool.

Using Moz or SEMrush tools you can get to know that for which keyword your competitor is ranking for, from where they are getting links, and how they win over you. By analyzing your competition help you to leave them behind. This Analyzing report will affect your future decisions to a great extent because this information is absolute gold.

This Analysis will tell you the performance of your website. It measures whether your site is user-friendly and responsive? Is the SSL correctly installed? Does your website have quick loading time? Technical issues seem small but if anything goes wrong then it could harm your ranking.

This analysis is about measuring your web-page optimization. It makes sure that everything on your website is properly optimized. It includes checking your posts keyword density, Meta description, title tags, URL Structure, Internal and external links.

It checks the relevancy of your content. Your website content should meet the qualities like 100% originality, language proficiency, informative, readable etc. It is very important to make it sure that the quality of the website content should be up to the mark because the quality of content determines the success of any SEO campaign.

Google Analytics is the best tool to analyze user experience of your website. It determines your performance on the basis of bounce rate and average time spent by a visitor on a website.  It should not be more than 60%, if you have more than this then it is a major alarm for you.

Our customers are making most of their online presence with an average 263% growth annually.

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"Great, result oriented, fully transparent approach to my SEO campaign. Their work speaks for itself."